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Summertime and the Living Is Busy (for CPAs)

James Palinsad July 5, 2013 0

CPACampus Q3 blog 1All work and no play makes CPAs cranky.

Well, not really. But, yes, CPAs are quite a busy lot.

They usually work through summer—vacation time for most folks, including the CPAs’ clients themselves—crunching numbers to beat the October 1 tax-return filing deadline for a long list of very antsy clients. You’d be hard put finding a CPA who’s not hard at work during this period. Given the high demand for their services and their uniformly heavy workload in the months prior to the deadline, “summer” for CPAs has long been unofficially moved down by necessity to the months of October through December. CPAs to a man (or woman) are veterans of such adjustments; their training has prepared them for the rigors of concentrated work in compressed time.

The training of accountants takes a regular and regimented route, almost always via the so-called Three Es:

  1. Education: a four-year college degree
  2. Examination: passing the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination as set by the American Institute of Certified Public      Accountants
  3. Experience: a state requirement for certification or licensing to be granted

The majority of CPA candidates put in long hours of review for the Uniform CPA Exam during this time. For those who are still in college or have just graduated from CPA school, the period is a fine time to honor a time-honored accountancy tradition: squeezing in internship hours between graduation and the CPA exam. Then and now, most CPAs were working students at one time or another.

Like most professionals, CPAs must renew their licenses to be able to continue practicing their profession in their chosen state. In the United States, certified accountants must complete every three years a certain number of hours of continuing professional education (CPE) to remain licensed (or certified). The total number of required CPE hours depends on state statutes, but today almost all states require 120 hours with a minimum of 20 hours per year.

CPE requirements can be fulfilled in a number of ways (through seminars both live and webcast, for instance), but none is more efficient or more convenient than enrolling in CPE online courses or course packages, such as the CPA Unlimited CPE Package offered by CPAcampus.com, the CPA portal of 360training.

Going online with CPAcampus.com critically provides the busy CPA that all-important legroom to be able to slot into his (or her) otherwise packed schedule the time for professional study. What makes this possible is CPAcampus.com’s making its entire library of courses 100 percent available to the enrolled student. Everything is instantly available at the click of a button on the computer screen.

For those who are on the cusp of an accounting career this summer, CPAcampus.com also offers a comprehensive CPA exam review which covers not just the basic coursework and naturally all the exam areas, but also the most important skills for passing the CPA exam.

Still and all, summertime isn’t all toil and boil for CPAs, despite appearances. Some veteran accountants actually take advantage of the downtime (for clients and prospective clients, that is) to reconnect with clients via friendly email notes and old-fashioned greeting cards. From someone whose overarching public image during the tax season is that of a stern-faced, all-business professional, an unexpected cheery hullo is a powerful public-relations gesture that can pay dividends down the road during the year. In fact, some enterprising CPAs give this a little twist by sending out greetings when it’s not tax season, the better to highlight the thoughtfulness of the gesture. For a summertime afterthought, it’s a PR winner.

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